Classes and Events

2017 Classes and Events

Group Light Grid with Lisa O’Brien

Friday October 13th, October 27th, November 10th 7:00pm-9:00pm 

Gathering as a group to relax and receive an energetic clearing of our human filters/programs, such as fears, judgments, limiting beliefs, programmed beliefs and human conditioning.  As we release these denser energies from the system we can also heal karmic and past life issues, as well as, family lineages.  High frequency Light Grid energy downloads into the system raising the vibration of all the cells.  No preparation required except and open mind and heart.  Bring a blanket, pillow and mat if you have one. Some of the benefits: •Letting go of ego structures, illusions of control, limited and negative thought forms •Inner peace, calm and joy •Works on the energetic fields in and around the body, also of the environment, changing frequencies of matter •Reconnects you with your self-healing abilities •Raises frequency of the cells of your body •Clears old blockages, creating space for light to inhabit the body •Clears fears, traumas, and heavy energies of depression and anxiety •Greater inner guidance on all aspects of life •Clears heaviness from the Heart Fee: $30 – must register with full payment prior to session due to limited space.   Choose date and click below to register.  


Crystal Bowl Meditation

Monday October 16th, November 13th 7pm-8pm

Join Beth O’Brien, spiritual medium and intuitive healer, for the beautiful sounds of the crystal bowl meditation.  The sound of the bowls bring physical, mental and emotional cleansing through the vibration.  The bowls will also cleanse and nourish each of your chakras that can become blocked by every day life. Fee: $20 Register by clicking below or call 856-574-4433

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21 Day Detox – Group Program – Free Information Meeting

Tuesday September 26th 7-8pm

Our group cleanses are becoming sort of famous because of all the amazing results!  Join Michele Marcinko, owner and certified holistic health counselor, as she explains the importance of detoxing your body and the many benefits gained through this total body reset.  Our 21 day cleanse is gentle yet effective in clearing out toxins that are being stored in your body which could be impairing your health and ability to heal.  During this session the 21 day program will be reviewed in detail along with a sample of the supplements.  Past clients have experienced weight loss, better digestion, clearer thinking, more energy and learned how to stay healthy even after the cleanse!  Cleanse will start on October 3rd and end on October 24th just in time for Halloween! Fee: FREE   To register please send an email to to reserve your seat.

Cancer Prevention Workshop

Friday October 20th 7-9pm

The best strategy against cancer is prevention!  Did you know that our own bodies make up to 1 million cancer cells per day?  And every day, the body’s immune system kills one million cancer cells!  The human body is amazing!  Keeping your body healthy and in a cancer preventing state is the best way to avoid the C word from ever entering your life.  Michele Marcinko, Halo owner and Certified Health Counselor will be discussing topics including the “business” of cancer, toxic foods you can remove right now to improve your health, and the root of all illness and disease….inflammation.  *These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness and have not been evaluated by the FDA. Fee: $25   Register by clicking below

Halo Health Fair

Sunday November 5th 11am – 3pm

Join us for our first ever Health Fair!  We are bringing the areas holistic experts together to assist you in improving your health and empowering wellness while having fun!  Vendors/services include massage, reflexology, crystals, henna art, aura photos, chiropractor, energy healing, facial treatments and much more!  Please note that some practitioners will be offering services and goods for sale which is not included in the admission fee. Entry Fee: $5 and includes a ticket to win your choice of a 60 minute reflexology service or Infrared sauna/salt combo! No advance reservations or tickets required.